Our Mission is Simple: NFTs for Good.An Enterprise Blockchain Marketing Suite for Brand Marketers, Publishers, and Content Creators at large.
green-leavesOur Offering
NFT creator tools that affect change and build community.

Offer your fans unique access through NFT Experiences hosted on an environmentally friendly Proof of Stake blockchain or the high volume Ethereum blockchain, purchasable via fiat or crypto.

NFTs as a Service Squarespace for NFT Drop PagesWe make NFT drops easy. Add a blockchain layer to your events that are already happening. Own your entire NFT drop from start to finish.
Fan Minted MomentsFan Meet & Greet v2.0Blockchain for Fandom. Each of your NFT Experiences comes with a ‘Fan Minted Moment.’ Photo or it didn’t happen; try #NFToritDidntHappen!
NFTs FOR GOODOmaze meets NFTs EcoVerse wants to create the first blockchain FOR GOOD. Each of our NFT experiences has a story to tell, a cause or person to directly affect.
leavesIntroducing NFT Templates For Creators & Brands
Fan Minted MomentsA Blockchain for Fandom Proof of Concept.
Get Social for GOODFinally, a true reason to overshare. EcoVerse founded Minted Moments as a tool for both NFT enthusiasts as well as the everyday advocate of change. Let’s share the Good!
Experiences Never to be ForgottenBe the first to record your community’s memorable moments from your NFT Experience onto the blockchain. Cause NFT’ing, let’s make it a thing!#NFToritDidntHappen
The Future is Decentralized

Every Brand & Creator will soon own a decentralized storefront.
The Future is Decentralized
EcoVerse is looking to the future of Blockchain utility. Whilst everyone and their mothers are still focused on minimalistic minting platforms & hand held, ephemeral NFT Drops, we’re building the tools that allow creators to truly own their own NFT DROPS from start to finish. Sell access through NFT Experiences with EcoVerse powered decentralized storefronts.
Coming Soon! NFTs for Good

Finally - A Storytelling NFT Marketplace that Affects Real Change

Original ConceptsLooking beyond NFTs for digital art: Introducing NFT Experiences.NFT utility has been top of mind for EcoVese since day zero. All of our drops come with an experiential component giving unique access to your favourite artists and brands through NFTs.
green-leavesNew Functionality
We build product & functionality that is missing from the current ecosystem.
Plant1Gift & Smile, Sell & RaiseOur NFT holders can ‘Sell & Raise’ or ‘Gift & Smile’. Gift Receivers are sent an email equating the NFT to a storytelling campaign or cause worth supporting!
Plant2Ecoverse for Community & CharityEcoVerse tools & functionality provide easy ways for you to raise money for your favourite charities & projects.
leave-greenWhy EcoVerse?
GoodWe Invite You to Think Differently: NFTs Beyond Digital Art Ecoverse is looking to the future of NFTs. While the majority of platform offerings are focused on marketplaces and the siloed experience of buying digital art & collectables, we’re focused on impactful storytelling experiences FOR GOOD.
SocialNetworkNFT Experiences vs Ephemeral DropsEach of our NFT experiences has a story to tell, a cause or person to directly affect. Each experience culminates with a Fan Minted Moment stored forever on the blockchain. #NFTorItDidntHappen.
communityNFTs for Good: Join the AllianceEcoVerse wants to create the first blockchain FOR GOOD. Fan Moments never to be taken down. Our NFTs For Good Alliance recognises community leaders with unique rewards & experiences.
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#nftsforgoodGet involved in something different. Own your NFT drops from start to finish & support causes you love.
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